Who Moved My Cheese" by Spencer Johnson

| February 16, 2014

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Characteristics of minorities and diverse populations encountered by counselors. Includes issues among those groups which affect the counseling process. (3 Lec.)
Textbooks and Other Course Materials:
Diversity in Counseling by: Robert Brammer 2nd edition. Thomson/ Brooks/ Cole, 2012, ISBN# 13:978-0-8400-3453-3
4. Each student is required to read “Who Moved My Cheese” by Spencer Johnson and write a typed, two-paged summary about how this book applies to the course material, and to one’s personal life. A personal reflection of how the book impacted you as an aspiring competent multicultural counselor is what is required. A simple summation of the book’s content is not acceptable and will receive a negative grade. Remember, we all have opinions and believe our opinions to be “gospel” however as college students and budding counselors, understanding the finiteness of one’s opinion is essential in being open to other experiences, opinions, and information that may conflict with your current position such as the information contained in your text. Thus, making a connection between one’s opinion and evidence based information can assist in the expansion of one’s worldview and critical thinking process.
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Analysis of Gail Tsukiyama's novel " The Samurai's Garden"


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