Who is Piet Strydom and what is his research expertise?

| March 16, 2014

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These questions need to be answered from the article that im going to upload
Now turn to the Strydom chapter (on E-reserve, Week 3).
1. Who is Piet Strydom and what is his research expertise?
2. Strydom argues that risk discourse embraces four phases ? from the 1950s to the present.
Briefly what characterizes each of these historical phases?
3. What differences can you identify across Strydom?s four phases on the role played by
experts (scientists, technicians, engineers, etc.) in risk controversies and debate?
4. Table 1.1 also identifies ?major discursive frames?. What is meant by this term? In
Phase 3 (1970s) under ?major discursive frames? Strydom lists ?survivalism versus
cornucopian-Prometheansim?. What is Strydom pointing to in this distinction?
5. What does Strydom mean by the term ?paternalistic risk communication?? In the fourth
phase, he argues that social movements and the public have made significant
contributions to risk discourse. Give examples from recent Australian and world events.
6. Is ?paternalistic risk communication? the same as Alaszewski?s ?rational actor model??
7. What type of research perspective is characteristic of each of the phases identified by
Strydom? [Use ?Disciplines? in Table 1.1].
8. And, what changes in ontological and epistemological perspectives are evident in
research across the historical phases?
We will elaborate these differences in lectures as the semester progresses ? especially
problems with so-called risk perception research, and the emergence of sociological
and cultural investigations. But, at the outset, it?s good to have an overview. And that?s
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