When Will I Die?

| November 17, 2015

Applied Human Sciences, Assignment #2 “When Will I Die?”
The purpose of this assignment is to calculate your current life expectancy, and learn about how you can improve your life expectancy by altering some of your lifestyle habits. In other words, you are to apply some of the concepts you have learned about in this class to a real life example. This assignment has two parts, and you need to hand in both parts: ??Part 1: There are several on-line life expectancy calculators; the most appropriate one for the purposes of this assignment is the “When Will I Die?” Life Expectancy Calculator found on the Canadian Business website; click on the link found on the Moodle webpage for this course to access the “When Will I Die?” Life Expectancy Calculator. Complete the life expectancy quiz to the best of your knowledge. (Check your blood pressure at most pharmacies; if your parents are younger than 70-years-old, replace “parents” with “grandparents.”) Calculate your life expectancy, and examine your personal feedback for ideas on how you can improve your lifestyle. You will need to print off and hand in a copy of your calculated life expectancy (i.e., the expected age) and your personal feedback.??Part 2: Evaluate your calculated life expectancy (i.e., the expected age) and your personal feedback (generated by the calculator based on your data). Do they seem reasonable or accurate to you? What conclusions do you come to about your life expectancy and what you can do to improve it, if anything? Can you identify any weaknesses or problems with this particular life expectancy calculator? Be sure to support your answers with examples and details to back up your opinion (e.g., you could compare this life expectancy calculator to the one in your textbook, p. 477).
Please follow the guidelines for written work in this class. All assignments should conform to APA format. Remember to include your Full Name & ID Number on the cover page. Remember to cite and reference the source (see below). Two pages of text are expected for Part 2.??”When will I die?” life expectancy calculator. (n.d.). Canadian Business. Retrieved from http://www.canadianbusiness.com/cbn-tools-life-expectancy-calculator/
personal Information : – 18 years – 70 kg -184 cm. – smoke less than 2 packets a day – normal blood pressure – parents have normal blood pressure – highly active – no medical problem – no kids

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