Wheelchair Experience

| February 23, 2015
The scenario- each student is asked to stay on a wheelchair for a whole day going outside in the malls,grocery, restaurant and in the neighborhood-pretending that he has disability*** the essay should be 4 paragraphs, 6-8 sentences, each paragraph should address each question. 1.To experience the concept of having limited functional mobility and being wheelchair bound 2.Understand the dilemmas experienced by a person when they have mobility limitation and feel the empathy 3.Identify the ways you adapted to your environment and community based occupation while being in a wheelchair 4.Recognize the ADA-American Disability Act-established facilities/regualtions in the community (mall,parks,restaurant)and identify any additional improvements that can be made to accomodate a person who is wheelchair bound. P.S. the essay should be personalized.it should be descriptive of what the person experienced for a specific day when she use the wheelchair for the whole day. It is more on narrating what happened on that wheelchair experience especially for the first three paragraphs. because the setting is she should try to be in a wheelchair for a day going to the mall, grocery store like target or walmart and going to the restaurants as well. It is more on observation and experience that she will write in the essay in a first person basis.

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