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Analyzing Coca Cola’s Income Statement and Cash Flow Statement Disclosures Review the financial statements and notes of the Coca Cola Company in Appendix A.

Required (Note: You do not need to make any calculations).

1. Does the company use a multiple step or a single step format on its income statement? Explain.

2. What was the net income for 2004? What was the basic net income (earnings) per common share for 2004?

3. What was the gross profit for 2004? For 2003?

4. How much interest expense was incurred in 2004? In 2003?

5. What was the amount of the income taxes related to income before income taxes for 2004?

6. What was the amount of selling, general, and administrative expenses in 2004? Of this amount, what was the amount for stock based compensation expense?

7. What amount of dividends on common stock were paid per share and in total in 2004?

8. What were the net operating revenues and gross profit, respectively, for the fourth quarter of 2004?

9. What method was used to determine the net cash provided by operating activities in 2004? What was the amount?

10. What was the net cash used in investing activities in 2004?

11. What was the cash provided by the issuances of debt in 2004?

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