What three traits does his music share with Stephen Foster and George M. Cohan?

| September 15, 2016

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1. Give a brief definition of the following: a rhythm b. beat c. melody d. harmony
2. Explain how Ragtime music combines the elements of both Europe and Africa.
3. What are the instruments found in a standard rhythm section?
4. How did the minstrel show change after the Civil War?
5. What was the name of the area in New York where the music publishing industry evolved in the late 1800s?
6. Who was one of the most important songwriter before the Civil War? What styles did he compose in?
7. How did the influence of minstrel shows carry over into American popular entertainment AFTER the shows were no longer popular?
8. What were both positive and negative contributions of the minstrel show in American life and popular song? (at last 2 each!)
9. How did James Reese Europe influence popular music? What dance did he help popularize?
10. What are the three main sources of popular music? What did each contribute to the popular sound?
11. What is meant by the blues form? Discuss the harmonic form and how the text (words) are organized.
12. Who was Bessie Smith? What style of music is associated with her and what are 3 contributions she made to popular music?
13. How did ragtime change the way African-American composers viewed their own music?
14. What kinds of stage entertainment became popular after the Civil War?
15. Who was the most important composer of concert band music in the late 1800’s?
What three traits does his music share with Stephen Foster and George M. Cohan?
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1. What were 3 changes to society and/or culture (not music) that occurred from Classical to the Romantic periods? How was reflected in the visual art and literature. 2. How was nationalism represented in music during Romantic period? Name at least 3

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