What the impact of the differences between systems has had for citizens

| March 23, 2015

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Use the following guidelines, making a clear and informed statement about what the impact of the differences between systems has had for citizens:

1. Identify two countries you want to study. You must put these countries into context in one of the following categories, given their differing:

for ‘developing’ countries VS ‘more advanced’: periphery, semi-periphery or cord status, using the World Systems literature.

2. Identify the specific manifestations of two countries’ so-called ‘models’ or features of core/semi-p/periphery status, looking at

–education/training systems,

–trading styles,

–business cultures,

–political parties,

–interest groups and so on.

You should put these features into the context of:

Persons (leaders, activists, lobby groups, etc)
Other actors (IGOs, NGOs, etc)
Periods of time
Political projects
3. Identify similarities between countries first as this is a very important part of your project. This will help you to identify what the key difference is between your chosen cases. This will help you to identify your dependent variable and independent variables. The dependent variable will be the most important feature of your essay because this is what will help you to explain the key differences between systems.

4. Identify impacts of these differences you have identified on citizens.

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