What might the theme of Vonegut's Slaughter House Five be?

| April 23, 2014

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For this paper, I will need a research paper offering a clear thesis that directly answers the question, and then develop that answer using at least five secondary sources and concrete passages from the novel in the body paragraphs.
The paper should be at least five pages in length?it must reach the bottom of the fifth page. It should be written in MLA format, including a properly formatted works cited page.
These are the key points i will need in this paper:
A clear, purposeful introduction and conclusion
A clear, well-positioned thesis statement
Topic sentences for each paragraph which develop one idea connected to the thesis
Specific and adequate supporting details from the novel to develop your ideas
Ideas cited from at least five secondary academic/scholarly sources
A coherent organization (time order, space order, or logical order) and transitions to move your reader from point to point
Sentence and paragraph clarity?varied sentences, subject-verb agreement, no unclear or misused words, no fragments or run-ons
Mastery of grammar, mechanics, citation, and spelling
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Critique on the Film Psycho


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