What is the ?Too Big to Fail? problem?

| March 16, 2014

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Your paper will be evaluated on (i) the quality of your thinking and argument and (ii) the
quality of your writing (grammar, sentence structure, brevity of expression). Provide full
citations of all sources that you have used. Any language used by other authors should be
inside quotes (with the citation of the work and page number in which the quote appears).
Anybody who uses unauthorized borrowed language from other texts and is, therefore,
found to have plagiarized other writers? work will receive an automatic F in the course
and be subject to additional sanctions.
Choose one of the following topics for your paper.
1. What is the ?Too Big to Fail? problem? In researching the issue, find at least
three articles (in newspapers, magazines, scientific journals) that describe the
problem. Provide some possible remedies for the problem, discuss, and compare
them. Which possible remedy do you think is best? Why? Have any recent acts
of Congress helped in remedying the problem?
2. Read the following article:
Ross, Michael, "The Natural Resource Curse: How Wealth Can Make you Poor," pp. 17-
42, in I. Bannon and P. Collier (eds) in Natural Resources and Violent Conflict: Options
and Actions, 2003,Washington D.C: World Bank. (Link to the book containing the article will
be provided in course website.)
Describe in your own words what the ?natural resource curse? is. Then, provide
some possible explanations of why some countries avoid it while others do not.
You are encouraged to read (and c
*For topic #2 , you can read the books from

Click to access Bannon&Collier_chap.pdf

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