What is formulation, as used in clinical psychology practice, and how does it differ from diagnosis?

| February 8, 2014

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To work on this assignment please review assignment on tab under “Lecture 2”. Also please note that there are a number of additional resources under the “Information” tab .In addition, to extend your understanding, you may like to search out some critiques of the medical model and the diagnostic approach: for example, you could look for comment and debate surrounding the DSM-V diagnostic system update, or the views of British clinical psychologists like Lucy Johnstone, Mary Boyle or Dave Harper. However, when writing your assignment, you should primarily cite published academic journal articles, books or book chapters and by and large you should not cite other informal sources (e.g. wikipedia, TV programmes, etc). A further tip is to bear in mind that clinical psychologists work with all sorts of clients many of whom could not be said to be experiencing an illness or disease – for example people with learning disabilities, and equally where there is a recognised physical illness or disease, behavioural or psychological problems may be wrongly labelled as ‘symptoms’ when in fact they are responses to the person’s environment and context. My final tip is to be very careful to ensure historical accuracy if you want to describe how ideas have developed over time (e.g. throughout the 20th century).
To help you know what I will be looking for when marking the assignment, I have added details of the marking criteria for MSc written work, along with a summary that I have written called ‘how your answer relates to the marking criteria’, and a copy of the marking sheet that I will be using. Word limits must be strictly adhered to and references must be in APA 6th format, as standard for Psychology assignments.
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