What is computer addiction? Howcan it be prevented?

| June 19, 2015

What is computer addiction? Howcan it be prevented?

•Create a research paper using MLA style as described in the textbook. MLA style and make sure your paper is typed, double spaced, font not larger than 11pt. 1 inch margin all around.

•The paper must be on What is computer addiction? How can it be prevented?.

•Paper is a minimum of 500 words. (this does not include footnotes). It is to be in your own words. Any paper with more than 1/4 quotes will not be accepted. You should have an introduction, body, and conclusion.

•Use a minimum of three Internet references. These should be on the Works Cited page and referenced in your paper with Parenthetical Citations. References are to back up your thoughts by someone with authority or expertise in the subject.

•Include a minimum of one footnote which explains a point or idea in your paper. This is NOT for bibliographical references (bibliographical references are on the Works Cited page.) Example footnote the word BOLD the footnote would read to emphasize or draw the attention to a word or phrase in a paper.

•Your paper will be graded on both format and your critical thinking ability. The subjects (topics) are meant to invoke critical thinking (your ability to look at a subject, evaluate the subject, and write about it in your own words.) Format is your ability to follow the rules set up by the Modern Language Association for writing term papers (see rules in your book page WD 2.6 or use the Internet or library).

•Because you have a spelling and grammar checker, 25 points will be deducted for each spelling or grammar error. (i.e. re-read your finished product for words spelled correctly but with the wrong meaning – ex to, too, two)

•Plagiarism is the representation of the words or ideas of another or paraphrase material and represent it as your own. To avoid plagiarism use parenthetical citation and also reference the words or ideas on the Works Cited page


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