What do you consider to be the importance of the objects of the Environmental Planning and Assessment Act 1979? Illustrate your answer by specific references to one or more objects and their implementation through consideration of relevant case studies

| March 26, 2015

* The objects of Environmental Planning & Assessment Act 1979 are:
To encourage:
(i) the proper management, development and conservation of natural and artificial resources, including agricultural land, natural areas, forests, minerals, water, cities, towns and villages for the purpose of promoting the social and economic welfare of the community and a better environment
(ii) the promotion and co-ordination of the orderly and economic use and development of land,
(iii) the protection, provision and co- ordination of communication and utility services,
(iv) the provision of land for public purposes,
(v) the provision and co-ordination of community services and facilities, and
(vi) the protection of the environment, including the protection and conservation of native animals and plants, including threatened species, populations and ecological communities, and their habitats, and
(vii) ecologically sustainable development, and
(viii)the provision and maintenance of affordable housing, and
To promote the sharing of the responsibility for environmental planning between the different levels of government in the State, and
To provide increased opportunity for public involvement and participation in environmental planning and assessment.

* The case studies should take Australian planning as examples

* Actually, my subject is urban planning, so this essay writing should based on the urban planning


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The objects of Environmental Planning & Assessment Act 1979
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