What Do People Talk About When They Talk About Schools?

| September 28, 2015

What Do People Talk About When They Talk About Schools?

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Conduct an interview with a parent (What Do People Talk About When They Talk About Schools?). The intent of the interview is to become familiar with the person’s position on selected educational issues (focus on being a Title I School) related to your specific school. Write a 1-2 page summary and reaction to the findings from your interview.

Interview Questions:
1. How would you describe the school? Title I, 98% African American
2. What should students learn? The common core standards
3. What are the best methods/strategies for helping students learn the identified skills? Smaller class sizes
4. How would you rate the school’s effectiveness in helping students achieve mastery of the
identified skills? (Ineffective, Needs Development, Proficient, Exemplary)- The school is proficient
What evidence supports your rating? Standardized test scores
5. What are the strengths of the school?Parent involvement What are opportunities for improvements? More reading programs

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