What deal would mean? Comcast's vs. Time Warner Cable

| February 26, 2014

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This is a report speech about a recent news. And I choose a news about Comcast’s vs. Time Warner Cable. I’m gonna talk about benefit of this deal. It’s a 3-4 minutes presentation.First you need to help me write an outline, the requirement I will attach to you. You need to have 2 reference which means you need to find one article from NYT or other major news source and another from a professional database. I have already found one, I will also attach you. You will also have to give me the first page of each article you find. You have to write outline very careful and serious, I need a very good outline. For the outline, you have to write 2-3 main point and in each main point have at least 2 sub points to support it. Then you can write my speech.
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