What are the historical and contemporary meanings of the ghetto?

| May 26, 2015

Easy Task: Basically improve my essay according to the comments on turnitin. (see file uploaded). The essay is completed with a score of 84/100, however I would want to improve the essay according to the comments given. 


Here is the essay question:

Read chapter 5 on housing and the 3 (three) articles entitled “Ghetto” by Loic Wacquant, “No Two Ghettoes are Alike” by Mario Luis Small and “Ghetto: Five Reasons to Rethink the word” by Izadi (available on my website under Cool stuff/ articles) and ask 2 of your close friends to define the term “ghetto” (which adjectives do they use spontaneously to describe it? Do not interject!).

Address the following prompt in an essay format (integrate the above sources in your answer as well as the comments made by your friends):
• What are the historical and contemporary meanings of the ghetto? What is a ghetto? How do those meanings help us understand the current issues of the ghetto? What conclusions can we draw from those academic sources about where, who and what is represented by this word today?

Articles can be found here: http://www.tsjugephd.com/articles.html

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