What advice from Chapter 7 in Dr. Gutierrez’s boo

| August 4, 2016

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1.If you have in mind the person you will probably witness to for your Witness Report, describe the type of reception you think this person (do not use names) will give to you and your gospel presentation. What advice from Chapter 7 in Dr. Gutierrez’s book, Living the Christian Life, will be most helpful to you as you share your faith? What method of evangelism do you plan to incorporate? It is understandable if the Holy Spirit may lead you to use a different method once you are in the situation. Putting here what you plan to use does not mean that you cannot change your approach as the Holy Spirit leads. 2.Read Earley & Wheeler, Chapter 19, and discuss the role of spiritual warfare specifically as it relates to the process of evangelism. Discuss the wiles of the devil. What are some specific actions you can take to fight spiritual warfare? (A simple answer of “trusting God” is not adequate. You must be more specific. For example, how will you trust God?)

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