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Short Essay

Section One:  Candide is the story of a young man’s awakenings to the reality of the 18th century. Voltaire, the author and famous philosopher, put forth a theory that Candide believed he lived in the best of all possible worlds. However, this theory is repeatedly put to the test throughout the story. Describe at least five ways this idea is tested in Candide. Candide comes away largely unchanged in his views, but Voltaire would like the reader to be affected in different ways. For each of the examples you have chosen, describe the lesson(s) that you think Voltaire wants you to learn.


Section Two:  During a moment of intense spiritual need, three religious movements of explosive protest and reform emerged in the early 16th century. Martin Luther began religious reform in Germany, Huldrych Zwingli extended the Reformation to Switzerland, and later John Calvin and his disciples spread it to all of Europe. Explain this process and the ideas/concepts/beliefs the three men contributed to the Reformation. In the end, in your belief, which of the three contributed more to the long-term success of the Reformation?

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