Western Civilization

| August 28, 2015

Western Civilization

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This is history research paper, I attached the syllabus that how to do it. As you read the syllabus,

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Western Civilization I
HIST 100, JA 90477
Skyline College, Fall 2015
Instructor: Anthony Swanson
Value: 300 points
Due Date: 11/2/15, 6:00pm
Your research paper will be an original project relating to one of the various subjects in
European history from the ancient world up to the Reformation. The task is to provide a
well-researched interpretation of history in which you use at least two primary sources
and at least two secondary sources. Primary sources are documents- diaries, journals,
letters, newspaper and magazine articles, treaties, birth certificates, etc… -written by a
person during the era you are researching. These can be published in books, on the
Internet, or can be information which you obtain yourself by interviewing relatives,
family friends, or using letters and other documents from your family history. You also
must use secondary sources in order to demonstrate how the primary sources you have
gathered relate to the topic you are researching. Secondary sources are books or articles
in scholarly journals that comment on and interpret primary sources. Bibliographies listed
in secondary sources can help you search for primary sources. Encyclopedias cannot be
used as a secondary source.
Your interpretation of the topic you are researching should be clearly identified in the
thesis statement. That statement should appear in your introductory paragraph. The goal
is to prove that thesis is a reasonable interpretation of the past. You will accomplish this
by using evidence from primary and secondary sources and organizing that evidence in
an easy-to-read format.
The library has excellent services available to assist you during this process. We will
have one research paper workshop there or in the classroom.
Possible Topics:
There are practically an unlimited number of topics. You can write on anything related to
European history from the Ancient World up through the Reformation. Pick something
that you feel passionate about or have an interest in! If you need help with ideas, briefly
look at the textbook: The introduction of each chapter, the chronology at the end of each
chapter and the paragraph topics can provide some suggestions. Visit me for ideas! Some
possibilities include but are not limited to:
Ancient Egypt
? Any pharaoh, king, or queen
? The pyramids or any architectural building
Ancient, medieval, or early modern Jewish History
? Moses
? The Kingdom of Judea; The Babylonian Captivity; Jews in the Middle Ages
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Ancient Greece
? Any Greek king, queen, or philosopher
? Art or architecture
? Alexander the Great
? Sexuality
Ancient Rome
? Any senator, emperor, or general
? Spartacus
? Julius Caesar
? Jesus
? Any bishop, pope, or saint
? Church art and architecture
The Middle Ages
? The Crusades
? Witchcraft and magic
? Joan of Arc
The Renaissance
? Any artist, architect, playwright, or writer
Reformation and Thirty Years Wars
? Any religious reformer: Protestant or Catholic
? Henry VIII, Queen Elizabeth, “Bloody Mary,” Catherine de Medici
Other possible topics in any of the above-mentioned periods are
? Any battle of any war
? Military technology or battle tactics
? Any woman’s issue during these times:
o Sexuality
o Family issues
o Work/labor issues
Source Location:
The best place to locate sources for this paper is the library. One of the textbooks can be
used as a primary source: Sources of The Making of the West has primary sources. (You
may consult The Making of the West, but cannot cite it as a secondary source). Some
other useful resources are:
? A Pocket Guide to Writing in History
? Recommended reading at the end of each chapter in your textbook
? The Internet (especially through the Cañada College, C.S.M, or Skyline College
The essay must be six pages in length, double-spaced, with a 12 point font, and
stapled(!). You may also want to put your name and page number on each page as a
header or footer to ensure that your paper will be easy to re-assemble if the staple come
lose as sometimes happen. (I recommend you keep paper copies and save your work on
your computer frequently: It is your responsibility).
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Writing methodology:
Again, you must gather evidence and details to prove your argument when writing this
paper. You need:
1) An introduction- The opening paragraph which contains the thesis.
2) A body- The paragraphs where you quote the primary and secondary sources to
support your thesis. Please define any complex or technical terms that you have
learned while conducting your research, but that the reader might not understand. If
you use the phrase “long tom” for example, explain that a “long tom” was a device to
sift gold out of mud. Assume the reader knows nothing about your topic.
3) A conclusion- The last paragraph of the essay where you restate your thesis and
summarize the argument.
4) A list of endnotes or footnotes- All the sources you quoted must be in endnote or
footnote format.
5) Bibliography- All the sources you used. You can also type, under a separate category
after your bibliography, a list called Works Consulted but not used; these may be
sources you intended to use but ultimately did not if your research needs changed.
? Please avoid jargon. Don’t write “Emperor Constantine gave the green light to
recognize Christianity in 323 A.D.,” when you could write “Emperor Constantine
gave permission to recognize Christianity in 323 A.D.” Also avoid “I,” “me,” “you”
(the first person).
? Finally, you are welcome to include photos or other visual material as part of this
paper, but they cannot substitute for text: You cannot submit four pages of text and
two pages of images.

Requirements which will be graded and count towards your essay:
1. Research proposal – 5 points Due Date: 8/31/2015, 6:00pm
Type a one page (or less) description of your topic and list two to three questions you
want to answer; you do not necessarily need to answer these questions when you
submit the final draft as your paper may change. Try to be specific as possible: If
you are researching “Julius Caesar,” that is a big topic. Narrow this down to
something more specific such as “Caesar and his invasion of Gaul” or “Caesar’s
assassination.” You do not need to provide a thesis statement with your proposal. You
shouldn’t actually have a thesis until you have done some research. Simply write
some preliminary ideas and questions.
2. Proposed Bibliography – 5 points Due Date: 10/5/2015, 6:00pm
Submit all primary and secondary sources you are using. These must be listed in
Chicago Style format (use A Pocket Guide to Writing in History if you need
examples). You can add more sources later if necessary. Again, you need at least two
primary and two secondary sources for this essay. At least one secondary source
should be a journal article from a professional history journal. Remember not to
list encyclopedias as a secondary source for your paper.
3. Timeline – 5 points Due Date: 10/19/2015, 6:00pm
Provide 12-15 important dates which affect the period your paper deals with. Include
the births and/or deaths of people, dates of political, social, and economic factors, and
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other important information. There is no Chicago-Style method for this – it can simply
be a list of dates, and you do not need to use correct grammar: Simply list the
information in an easy-to-read format.
4. Workshop – 10 points
I will give you ten points towards your essay when we discuss it in a workshop in late
September or early October. Simply attend and you will receive credit!
5. Final Draft – 275 points Due Date: 11/2/2015, 6:00pm
Be sure the final draft contains footnotes/endnotes and a bibliography. I will also
grade your essay on:
? A clear thesis
? Evidence to prove that thesis
? Organizational writing style
? Accuracy
? Use of primary and secondary sources

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