Western Civilization

| February 16, 2014

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Keep both discussions separate.
7-1 Discussion: Conditions for a Renaissance
Like any other historical era, the Italian Renaissance did not arise on its own volition. Rather, it was a product of specific social, cultural, and economic conditions. Identify and discuss a condition unique to the Italian Peninsula that catalyzed the Renaissance. Please also discuss one contribution that Renaissance culture made to western civilization that you find particularly significant.
7-2 Discussion: Literary Expression and the Visual Arts
Consider how works of literature (poetry, novels, short stories, plays) differ from works of visual art.
In your initial post, discuss the pros and cons of these two forms of art. What can literary art achieve that visual art cannot? How? And vice versa: What can a visual work of art offer that a literary work cannot? Use specific examples of each art form to support your ideas.
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European Reformation
Introduction to European Philosophy : Kant to Hegel


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