Western Civilization

| March 6, 2014

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Write on one of two essay questions available for this essay. Your answers should be based on relevant materials from both lectures and the text and should include detailed examples, facts ,etc.
1. Discuss the various social and economic elements and development (from c.1780 to 1840) which helped industrialization to begin earlier in Britain than in other places in Europe.
2. Discuss how the concept of “careers open to talent” and the ideas of Adam Smith, Malthus, and Ricardo contributed to the formation of Classical Liberalism. How were they reflected in or used to justify the practices of factory and mine owners involving workers in their industries?
3. How did the new ideas and philosophies of the later 19th century undermine the beliefs of the middle class in the values of classical liberalism? Specifically, how did the ideas of Darwin, Marx, Social Darwinism, suffragettes, and nationalism undermine the assumptions of classical liberalism?
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Discuss the religious and political issues that separated the Ottoman Turks and the Safavid Turks, two neighboring Islamic states, in the sixteenth century.
Enlightenment Era


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