West Point New York

| February 3, 2014

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1- Please use 5 page paper (full pages, more below) about what you have seen the location must be able to explain the connections to the course American history ( Eric Foner Give me liberty third edition ). 2-Each page must be double-spaced and filled with text 3- The time frame covered in this course is from about 15,000 B.C. to 1877 (the end of Reconstruction). 4- Only need two sources. One source is the book ( ERIC FONER “GIVE ME LIBERTY ” 3 EDITION . You should cite specific passages or points raised in the textbook that relate to WEST POINT NY site. The second source is written materials, such as books or websites . (NOTE: Wikipedia is not an acceptable source describe: - what you see, which would include, for example, the military base ,…… - You would have to explain the importance and significance of the Battlefield and why the Battle is so important in American History. – However, in the paper, you are also required to explain your reactions and observations to what you saw. - Did you like the Battlefield? Why? Did you dislike the Battlefield? Why? Maybe you liked some parts and not others; in any event, you have to write about your reactions and explain them as well. Maybe this is your first visit there; maybe you haven’t visited there in many years. Whatever the case may be, include those observations and impressions in your paper as well.
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