West Liu

| June 19, 2015

West Liu

I. Introduction
A. Main Points of Intro
. Importance of colleges . Examples of some famous colleges
.Main points of applying colleges . A little bit details of the process of applying
B. Thesis Statement
a. Essential b. preparatory works c. how to prepare
II, Body
A. Academic achievement
1. High and stable GPA
a. GPA represents ones school work
2. Doing well in the pre SAT
b. Try to get into the top 1% so the colleges will pay attention to you
3. Teachers’ recommendation
c. It shows what kind of student are you in school.
Concl: Academic achievement is consider as one of the most essential parts for letting a college pay attention to you since it show your work as a student, and colleges love good students.
B. Activities Experiences
1. School’s sports team
a. Your experiences in the school’s sport team and passion
2. Volunteer
b. Your contribution to the small community around you
3. Outdoor activities
c. Skiing or climbing, showing you are a person who appreciate your life
Concl: Activities experiences are able to demonstrate that you are not only a hard-working student, but also a student who loves passion and this society.
C. Need one more Body, but Idon’t have any idea. Let you guys do it for me

III.Conclusion Paragraph
A. Main points:
-Colleges are important to all of us -how to get priorityadmission is hard -there are ways that may help you get priority enrollment
-they are academic achievements, activities experiences an C
-since: restate your thesis in a different way.


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