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Please respond to one of the following topics by creating your own thread.


Consider the supplied URL for input, but don’t limit yourself to the one provided.


Make sure you include your choice of topics in your answer.


Choice 1


Are Fulfillment management concepts too aggressive? Why/why not?




Choice 2


Briefly discuss “change management” within an ERP-centric organization.





Peer response

Choice 2: Change Management





What is change management?  Change management is a collaboration of the process, tools, and techniques it takes to the people side of the change to achieve the required business outcome (Creasey, n.d.).  Change management is used to deliver new services and to modify them later and so it provides control over the infrastructure.  The key to the change management process within an ERP-centric organization is to stay abreast of the changes that happen in the business environment.  The goal is to maximize the value of the IT services provided by the business.  The change should occur on all levels of an organization: strategically, tactically, and operationally.  Employees that display negative attitudes can make the change management process that much more difficult.  According to Krigsman (2011), change management should include the communications and other activities to engage employees.  It’s imperative to the success of an ERP.   Poor training begets poor systems, increased risk, whereas sufficient training and positive attitudes optimizes the risk for a beneficial result. 




Creasey, T.  (n.d.).  Definition of Change Management.  Retrieved from http://www.change-management.com/tutorial-defining-change-management.htm.


Krigsman, M.  (2011).  ERP Change Management: The Silent Killer.  Retrieved fromhttp://www.zdnet.com/article/erp-change-management-the-silent-killer/

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