Week 8 Fire prevention organization and management

| February 17, 2014

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Week 8 Module 4: Influences on Fire Prevention
This module section:
Economic Influences
Identify direct and indirect costs associated with fire;
Describe the level of cost of fire in deaths, injuries, and direct costs for the U.S.;
Discuss economic incentives that encourage fire prevention;
Identify factors that help explain the disparity between the high aggregate costs of fire for the nation, states, and communities, and lower perceptions of fire risks and costs;
Identify and describe policies and programs that affect the economic trade offs between fire and prevention by lowering the costs of fire for individual citizens, businesses, and communities.
Written Assignment: Fire Prevention Programs and Personnel Question 1)
Write a short essay on the following topics. Your essay should be two to three double-spaced pages in length. With the assistance of an experienced fire prevention person, research the training, education, experience, and certification requirements for both fire suppression and fire prevention personnel in a fire department with an eight- to ten-member prevention bureau. Provide an overview of the requirements for the two types of positions, and compare/contrast them
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