Week 7Assignment AR301 Modern Art in the U.S.

| November 24, 2015


Pleases see attachment and read assignment carefully before you engage. Assignment Due on 23 NOVEMBER  2015.

Attachments:AR301 Modern Art in the U.S. (Week 7 Quiz)

Question 1

Who was the gay male artist who used abjection to both draw attention to sexual difference and renounce organized Catholicism? _______________

Question 2

Which artist(s) were noted in this week’s readings as having explored multiculturalism in their work? (select all that apply)

A. Thorton Dial
B. Rina Banerjee
C. Ann Hamilton
D. Laurie Anderson
E. Joseph Kosuth

Question 3

Temporary environments (often encompassing an entire room) set up in galleries or museums is called ______________ .

Question 4

  1. Which artists explored multiculturalism in their work?
A. Thorton Dial, Rina Banerjee
B. Ann Hamilton, Laurie Anderson
C. Joseph Kosuth, Ann Hamilton
D. Thorton Dial, Joseph Kosuth

Question 5

  1. Review the identity hybridtity of Rina Banerjee’s Infections Migrations, 1999. Imagine you have been asked to create a piece about yourself and the multiple identities or cultures you are a part of. Write an essay describing what you would create, using what materials and what you are trying to convey to the viewer.

Question 6

  1. How might you describe the way in which Kiki Smith’s Virgin Mary, 1992, employs Julia Kristeva’s notion of abjection?

Question 7

  1. Which type of art is not a major style or theme of contemporary art?
A. Earthworks
B. Internet Art
C. Multiculturalism
D. Installation Art

Question 8

  1. Helter Skleter, 1992, a collaboration of artists commenting on disillusionment and dysfunction, included:
A. A medusa head
B. Model trains
C. Robotic figures
D. Cartoon-esque paintings
E. An artificial garden

Question 9

  1. VitalyKomar and Alexander Melamid conducted a survey to determine what American’s really ‘wanted’ in their art. What were the three subjects included in the final piece America’s Most Wanted, 1994?

Question 10

  1. What sort of items did Janue Quick-to-See Smith incorporate in her piece Trade (Gifts for Trading Land with White People), 1982, and what is their symbolic significance?

Question 11

  1. Many artists explored their multicultural identities during this time, a change from the past where art concerned itself with fixed and identifiable boundaries about the self. According to our text, artists went through a ____________ _________ _________ during this time.

Question 12

  1. Write an essay on the racial stereotypes in Michael Ray Charles’ (Forever Free) The NBA, 1995, (page 238) and how they are different than those included by Robert Colescott in George Washington Carver Crossing the Delaware: Page from American History, 1975 (page 195).










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