Week 3 assignment

| July 27, 2016

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Assignment 3 – Fats (20 pts total)


This week’s practical application will relate to your athlete’s fat intake, and next week the same subject will be observed for recommended hydration.

For this assignment:


Report your athlete’s height, weight, and activity level (PA)* (typical amount and type of exercise (intensity, duration and type specifying as strength/power, endurance, recreational athlete) (4 pts).


*You will need to determine your Physical activity (PA) level and energy requirements using the ACSM/ADA position stand “Nutrition and Athletic Performance” (figure 2). The PA value should reflect recommended energy intake for type of athlete.


Based on this information, cite and show your work for all calculations a-d below/round all values to nearest whole number. Selection of grams should reflect PA and type of athlete as well as match recommendations for nutrient range. Reference (in parentheses) all values with brief explanation supporting your selection for your type of athlete (14 pts):


total kcals needed daily (*calculation from DRI figure 2 stated above)


fat grams recommended for your type of athlete


total grams of fats daily (fat recommended grams x kg body weight)


total kcals of fats daily (total grams x 9 kcals (of fats in each gram)


calculated % of the 100% daily intake (total fats kcals daily/total daily kcals x 100% = daily %); state and reference recommended range for your type of athlete

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