week 2 discussion 1

| September 19, 2016

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week 2 discussion 1 (crj)
week 2 discussion 1
week 2 discussion 1 (crj)
Week 2 Discussion 1
“Victim and Suspect Typologies Scenario” Please respond to the following:
· Considering the nature of victimization and the victim’s interview, give your opinion on whether or not she seems to be the “typical victim”. Explain why or why not. Identify and explain the theories in the text reading that may begin to describe her victimization in this instance. Identify the costs in this victimization.
· Based on the information given by the suspect involved in the robbery from Week 1, determine if the suspect fits the given typologies for offenders from Chapter 3. Identify the similarities and differences. Consider the institutions that have been viewed as associated with criminality, and note the distinctions of social institutions given by the suspect. Describe how this affects the emergence of offending behavior in this suspect

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