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| April 18, 2014

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Assignment Brief
Red Road Designs are a start-up web design agency based in Bradford. They employ a small staff team of three led by the company?s owner James Bond. They specialize in designing and developing e-commerce web solutions for local businesses and offer a range of web hosting packages for customers.
Additionally, Red Road Design can design company logos, business cards and promotional print material. They also offer a consultancy service that evaluates the SEO of existing websites.
It is vital to the success of Red Road Designs that their own website reflects the values and standards that they can offer their customers. It is also vital that Red Road Design?s web marketing strategy places them at an advantage in the competitive market that they are entering.
Component 1 Instructions
Element 1:
Consider the needs of Red Road Design and write a short report (no more than 1000 words) that identifies and justifies the key design, marketing and SEO techniques that the company would need to include in their new website. Your report should also include details of how the company could use social media to support their web marketing.
Element 2:
Using the findings of your report create a minimum of two pages for the new Red Road Design website. One of the pages must be the home page. Your pages should demonstrate how the report?s findings could be practically applied.
Component 2 Instructions
Elements 1 and 2:
You are required to produce a report (around 1500 words) that evaluates the effectiveness of the web pages that you developed in Component 1. Your evaluation should cover the design, the SEO and the marketing techniques that you have implemented. You should also consider how the site could be further optimised with a particular emphasis on the use of social media
Your report should begin with an identification and evaluation of a range of on-line analytical tools that can be used to support and manage a website. You should then select appropriate on-line analytical tools and use these as a basis of your evaluation. The results of the on-line analysis should be included as appendices.
Assessment Criteria:
Component 1:
? The appropriateness and breadth of research sources
? The appropriateness of the marketing techniques in meeting the issues raised by the case study
? The level and range of technical skills evidenced in the created website
? The range effectiveness of the SEO techniques applied in the creation of the website
Component 2:
? The depth, breadth and accuracy of the evaluation of the website
? The clarity, coherence and structure of the written evaluation
? The application of academic standards and referencing
? The range and appropriateness of sources used to set the criteria for evaluation
? The ability to select and justify appropriate web analytical tools
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PayPal Acceptance Mark

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