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| January 30, 2015
“Portals” – Website content analysis Coursework 1 is designed to develop your skills in website content analysis. These skills will then be further developed for Coursework 2. The types of websites that you will analyse for Coursework 1 are commonly defined as ‘portals’. Read the attached pdf’s (Liao_etal.pdf and augustyniak.pdf have been uploaded to the Edusson project) to make sure you understand the concept of a portal. Format of the Report The main body of the report should be near to (but not over) 2000 words. Appendices are necessary, and these are excluded from this word count. The appendices should provide supporting data for the analysis that is presented in the main body of the report, and this data should be referred to in the analysis Portal Analysis Tool For this report, you are expected to develop and then to apply a portal analysis tool. Developing the Tool This tool should take the shape of a short ‘form’, which you can be used to collect details on the characteristics of a particular portal under investigation. Develop and then apply a Portal Analysis Tool • By ‘tool’ we mean a form/grid that can be used to record the presence of absence of functionality on a portal. • You will develop your tool by investigating portals through a short but focussed literature review – to identify relevant functionality • You will then use the tool to undertake a systematic comparative analysis of a sample of (at least two) portals. You should be able to ‘score’ or ‘rate’ a site using your tool. • You will produce some results and conclusions You should develop your own form by carrying out a literature review into the concept of a portal and then testing/refining. Your tool should therefore be based on a good understanding of the portal concept both in theory and in practice. Applying the Tool Once you have completed the development of your portal analysis tool and are happy that it is ‘fit for purpose’, you will then by expected to use it to carry out a systematic comparative analysis of a number of portals. In order to do this you will have to select a sample of portals to subject to analysis. The choice of research approach here is entirely your own. Your sample can be narrow or broad, can be based upon portals within one sector or many. Your choice of sample must relate to the research question you want to answer in the report. Research Question You will have to adopt a focus for your work, which will then determine your choice of sample. The best way to define your focus is to set it out as a ‘research question’. Here are some sample research questions: 1. To what extent are UK estate agents implementing portals as a way of delivering targeted product information to house buyers? 2. To what extent do internet-based on-demand television services conform to the definition of a portal? You are expected to define your own question, and select an appropriate sample in order to collect the data to answer that question. It is also suggested that you define your research question before developing your analysis tool, so that you can ‘optimise’ this for the category or categories of portals under consideration. Suggested Report Structure 1. Introduction & Research Question 2. Literature review 3. Research approach a. Tool development b. Sample selection 4. Data analysis 5. Conclusion a. Outcomes from the work b. Recommendations c. Critical reflection on carrying out the work Additional Guidelines All sources used must be formally acknowledged. The report must have referencing of an appropriate standard, and must use the Style and format notes below. Use the marking grid to plan the report – it shows the relative weighting of each section. Submission This assignment is due to be submitted via the Turnitin®UK service on or before the due date above. You should use the originality report you obtain after submission to ensure that your report contains no significant copying from any source. Style and format notes Word length: The target length of the main text is 2000 words. A report of much less than 2000 words is unlikely to contain adequate content, which will reduce the marks available. Word count should be displayed on the front page Page layout: Submissions should be in Arial font, 12 pt, 1.5 line spaced. References: The author-date system of source citation should be used in the text, e.g. (Smith, 2015). Please use the guidelines available through Moodle to help ensure that your paper meets recognised standards of referencing. Illustrations and tables, appendices: Captions for tables and figures should use the same font as the main text. They should be referred to in the text using Arabic numerals, e.g. Figure 1, Figure 2, Table 1, Table 2, etc., in order of appearance. You must include appendices, the content of which should not be included in the main word count.

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