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| March 28, 2015

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Assignment title Interactive Website



Learning Outcome

Assessment Criteria In this assessment you will have the opportunity to present evidence that shows you are able to: Task no.  


(Page no)

LO 1 Understand website design concepts


1.1 discuss the design concepts that have to be considered when designing a website 1
LO 2 Be able to design interactive websites 2.1 design an interactive website to meet given requirements 2
2.2 evaluate website design with other users 2
LO 3 Be able to implement interactive websites 3.1 implement a fully-functional interactive website using a design specification 3
LO 4 Be able to test interactive websites 4.1 critically review and test the website 4
4.2 analyse actual test results against expected results to identify discrepancies 4
4.3 evaluate independent feedback and make recommendations for improvements 4



create onscreen help to assist the users


create documentation for the support and maintenance of the website







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