Web 2.0 Use Case Scenario

| May 20, 2015

You are to analyse how an organization, business, or online platform has (or could) apply the identified design

challenges and core best practices and strategies of Web 2.0. The selected organization / platform will hereafter

be referred to as just “platform” in the remainder of this document.

Selecting the platform:

You may wish to pick one of platforms that you have previously discussed in a blog post. However, a key

difference is that you will critically assess this platform with respect all the web 2.0 concepts covered during the

lecture series (listed in the specific requirements section of this assignment brief). You should avoid selecting an

organization or platform listed as prohibited (You are to avoid the examples used in class, and in particular

avoid the following platforms: Google, Amazon, Flickr, Youtube, Twitter, and Facebook. Naturally, these

platforms can still be referred to (e.g. perhaps as part of a comparison) but they should not form part of a major

discussion in your assignment.

Items required:

•Section A – Case Study part 1, 3000-3500 words

•Section B – Case Study part 2, 3000-3500 words

•Section C – Collaborative Tools Section (1 page or less – place in report appendices)

•Section D – Netcast ( 8 slids professional presentation)

•Section E – Appendices ( no words limit )


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