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| July 9, 2016

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For this assignment, you will write an essay to the instructor explaining your writing process. Think about how you approach writing assignments. Analyze your own working habits as you started thinking, then writing, about the topic. I want you to describe all the steps you go through in order to get to the final product, and I want you to critique these steps (which ones of your habits are productive and which ones are not?). This assignment should not be a research paper in which you describe, in borrowed words, some standard steps in the completion of this project, but rather a more personalized essay. Do not hesitate to discuss your writing rituals (Do you wear a special piece of clothing? Do you write at a particular moment of the day? etc.)  Include in your paper some personal, unique elements to relieve the boredom of giving us simply a detailing of steps. A lively narrative style can make most topics interesting.

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