| January 25, 2015

In Fig. 35-46, a broad beam of light of wavelength 620 nm is sent directly downward through the top plate of a pair of glass plates touching at the left end. The air between the plates acts as a thin film, and an interference pattern can be seen from above the plates. Initially, a dark fringe lies at the left end, o bright fringe lies at the right end, and nine dark fringes lie between those two end fringes. The plates are then very gradually squeezed together at a constant rate to decrease the angle between them. As a result, the fringe at the right side changes between being bright to being dark every 1-5.0 s. (a) At what rate is the spacing between the plates at the right end being changed? (b) BV how much has the spacing there changed when both left and right ends have a dark fringe and there are five dark fringes between them?


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Thickness of the oil film.
Radius of curvature

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