War Culture in Film

| March 6, 2014

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I want you to see a movie called Why We Fight, Produced by Eugene Jarecki. Also find another movie or documentary that has the same theme as why we fight. Compare the two themes in a 9 pages paper.
Remember the theme is really important here, a theme would be something like the role of women in the movie, the role of homosexuality in war films.
Also remember that this is a movie class so please use at least 3 film word. Like cinematic contrast etc… The paper has to be double spaced and is to cover a common theme between 2 movies. One of which is “why we fight” and the other can be any war related film that has a similar theme. Let me know what the other movie or documentary you will choose to compare the two theme. Also, if you have any question please ask me. This is really an important paper so do your best and FOLLOW the instructions CAREFUllY.
Please note that you only can use the movie as a source. Please do not use anything else except the movie.
You can watch why we fight in this link:
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