w4a3 Word 2013 help on small part of assignment

| November 16, 2015

Alright so I’ve done half of this assignment but need a little help on the other half. It should be a quick solution longs you know where to find stuff. That’s my snag.



Alright I’ve attached the work I’ve already did…However, need some help with the last steps of editing… Directions below.


Search for 14 pt Tahoma formatting in Dark Red and replace with 12 pt Constantia bold formatting in black, text 1.

Insert plain number 2 page numbers at the bottom center of the page. INsert a page border with first double line border in the style list box. Change the color of the page border to dark red. Change the width of the page border to 1 1/2 pt. Display the border and shading options dialog box and then change the top left, bottom and right measurements to 30pt.

Hint: Display the border and shading options dialog box by clicking the options button at the borders and shading dialog box with the page border tab selected.

Save as Wl1-c4-a3-REAgrmnt


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