W4 D1

| September 22, 2016

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W4 D1
“Analysis of Gender Bias” Please respond to the following:
* Based on the e-Activity, speculate on why the quiz yielded the results that it did, and analyze how those results relate to your perceptions of gender behavior in education. Propose two to three ways in which teachers can ensure that their instructional strategies are gender-fair. (the quiz is actually attached)
Examine two to three reasons why research is suggesting that single-sex schools appear to be making a comeback. Debate whether this trend toward single-sex schooling should be supported or whether the focus should remain on the coeducational experience.
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W4 D1
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Running xxxxx xx D1 1 xx xxxxxxx PAGE \* MERGEFORMAT ?3?
xxxxxxxxxx xx xxxxxx xxxx
Student’x Name
University Affiliation
xxxxxxxx of Gender Bias
xxxx xxxx was xxxxx on analyzing xxx differences in xxxxxx behavior xx various circumstances such xx education xxx the xxxxxxxxx xx also examines the imbalance in the xxxxx involved xx different xxxxxxxx xxx results xxxxxx xx my xxxxxxxxxxx of xxxxxx xxxxxxxx in school. xx xxxxx that fewer xxxxx engage xx more difficult xxx technical subjects and xxxxxxx xxxx xxxxx xx xxxx shows xxxx xxxxx xxxxx xxxx x college degree xxxx xxxx xxxxx xx xx xxxxxxxx representation of xxx xxxxxxx xxxxxx This tendency xxx be xx a result of the method of xxxxxxxxxxx xxxx xx the tutors.
Women and men xxx xxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxx are xxxxxx at xxxxxxxxx while men are xxxxxx at xxxxxxxxx knowledge xxx skills. xxx women understand xxxxxxxx better when given xxxx xxxxxx xxxx xxx an xxxxxxxxx exposition of xxx xxxxxx xxx
– – – more text follows – – –

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