Voudun, Rasta and Islam

| February 14, 2014

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There are two questions. select and answer one of them in no more than ten double spaced typewritten pages. you may add illustrations as extra page or two. there is no need to write the question at the top of your answer but you should clearly indicate the question number in the section, where applicable, on top of the first page. you should use examples to illustrate your points. provide references. you should make sure your quotations can be clearly differentiated from your own ideas. it is essential that you address the issue of the question rather than making general statements. grading will be based on facts, clarity of thoughts, argument or point of view and presentation. you are also encouraged to avoid clipping of passages or text from the internet or books. this will not be accepted. I CHOSE QUESTION ONE.
1. you have been invited to give a talk to twenty-five community college students on " THE ROLE OF ISLAM IN RESISTANCE TO SLAVERY IN COLONIAL CARIBBEAN AND THE AMERICAS" write an essay on the issues would you address and why. note that the students have neither the historical nor the cultural background about this subject.
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select ONE verse from the Quran and ONE hadith from Prophet Muhammad's sayings whose meanings appear to mutually support each other
Structural variations exist between the Jewish division of the Hebrew Bible and the Christian First [Old] Testament.

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