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| April 2, 2014

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You are to create a suitable Windows Form Application using Visual C#. The application is for a sales company. The company’s sales divisions are divided into three regions. Each region has three stores.
At the end of each quarter, sales amounts for each of the three stores in each of the three regions are entered into the application.
The application should:
• use at least four different appropriate controls;
• display each stores sales figures;
• calculate and display each region’s total sales figures by adding all the sales made in each of it its three stores;
• calculate and display the average sales figures for each region;
• calculate and display the company’s total sales by adding the sales made in each of the three regions.
• calculate and display the company’s average sales figure based on the total sales figures for each region.
• use exception handling appropriately;
• use an array appropriately.
2. Additional Requirements (Desirable)
In addition to the above main requirements, the application will make use of one or more of the following:
• A suitable class (in addition to the main form) with appropriate attributes, properties and methods.
• A text file to read/write the data.
3. Deliverables
(i) Windows Form Application (60 marks)
(ii) Report (40 marks)
The report (up to 1200 words) documents the process of development of your application and will be awarded as follows:
• A walk-through (i.e. explanation of the underlying logic) of your code. [10 marks]
• An evaluation of your work reflecting on what you learnt from doing the assignment, what difficulties you experienced and how you tackled those difficulties. [10 marks]
• A TOE Chart (Tasks/Objects/Events) to expand on the UI. [5 marks]
• A Test Plan with appropriate test cases and screen dumps to prove that the application works to the given specification. [10 marks]
• A listing of the code. Marks will be awarded for the quality of the code, including programming style, such as use of comments, indentation and appropriate control naming convention (i.e. camel case). [5 marks]
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PayPal Acceptance Mark

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