Virtue as a Modern Trait.

| July 28, 2015

DPA 8408 Unit 5 Discussion Questions


Question 1:

Virtue as a Modern Trait.

The value of virtue in today’s society is something that many overlook and some even criticize. Using virtue as a standard of action or as a means of gauging someone’s worth is even deemed to be old-fashioned. Compare the concepts of virtue that are described in the text and explain how it has evolved over time. Analyze the meaningfulness of virtue ethics for today’s public administrators. Provide examples to illustrate your points.


Question 2:


Whistle-blowers, people who bring to light illegal or unethical practices in organizations, often act with the highest integrity but face retaliation for doing so. Using the concepts in this unit, examine what your reaction might be if someone approached you and asked you to help them bring a bad practice to the public’s attention. Knowing that retaliation is too often the result, analyze how this might affect your willingness to come forward if you saw illegal or unethical practices in the government office where you worked. Discuss possible strategies to mitigate the adverse consequences of becoming a whistle-blower.




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Unit 5 The Virtue Of Virtue
Columbia Disaster, Power, and Ethics

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