Virtual Team Kickoff

| February 12, 2015

Read the following scenario: Pam is new to the project management team. She will lead the virtual team, which will develop a new stained-glass vase design. Pam is in the project management group in Washington, DC. The marketing department is in Atlanta and a key player in the designing. Members of the glass engineering group are located in China and will also provide inputs to the design. The vice president of marketing and the chief information officer (CIO) of engineering are co-sponsoring this project.

Based on the scenario, write an essay answering the following questions: What steps should a newly selected virtual team leader take to prepare for the first, official kickoff meeting with the team? What tasks are required for each step identified to ensure a successful kickoff meeting? Submission Requirements: Make sure to include a reference page with the resources used. Remember to cite your sources using APA format. Ensure the paper is a minimum of two pages in length with: Font: Arial; 12 point Line spacing: Double

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