Violin & Viola by Ken Aiso and also Piano by Valeria Morgovskaya Concert Report

| March 11, 2014

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This concert report should be 2-3 pages (minimum 750 words), including Times New Roman with 1" margins and 11.5 font.
The concert is Violin & Viola by Ken Aiso and also Piano by Valeria Morgovskaya. I JUST WANT YOU TO FOCUS ON THE PIANO, NOTHING ELSE. This concert report should just be about the PIANO, NOT the Violin or the Viola. I will provide the concert programs and the concert reports examples.
And I don’t NEED any source or references in this concert reports.
Please pay attention to all the additional files that I am uploading because all the information are provided for you there.
I will upload the following files: concert programs (which is the music), HOW TO WRITE THE CONCERT REPORT, the concert reports examples, and musical elements on what to write.
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