video critique and analysis

| November 12, 2015

video critique and analysis

Making Change: Video Critique and Analysis

The class will watch five video cases that raise issues/offer insight about elements of social entrepreneurship.

Your role is to analyze the concepts demonstrated,
to identify the possible lessons to learn from what you observe, and to connect these to your own experiences in the workplace or any personal/professional organizational environment.
It is recommended to connect the issues raised in the video with the material and discussions in class.

• Prepare a 2 page double-spaced critique of each video in the course schedule.
• Write the number of the Video Assignment on the first or cover page with your complete name and course number.
• Analyze the main points from the video and how it relates to the following:
? Concepts from your respective reading and classroom discussion
? Your personal and professional experiences
It is about analyzing the video not telling the prof what is the video because he watched it

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