Victimization of special population

| July 7, 2016

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This week’s required readings explains how a person can become a victim of violence because their age or ability level makes them vulnerable. Becoming a crime victim is traumatic for every victim; however, depending on one’s situation in life, victimization can have compounded challenges. Specifically, special populations of victims have unique risk factors for victimization, extent of victimization, and different responses are used to address the victimization. Please discuss the victimization of persons with disabilities, persons with mental illness, and incarcerated persons. Address the following in your initial post: Explain how characteristics of these victims can contribute to their victimization. Evaluate the criminal justice system’s response to the victimization of this population of victims. Propose a holistic plan for providing restitution for this population of victims. Your initial post must contain approximately 400 words and reference at least two scholarly sources in proper APA format.

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