Victim Advocates in Law Enforcement for Sexual Assaults

| July 25, 2015

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Victims� Program Grant Application


The Fund provides advocacy and support services to victims of crime for the purpose of developing and enhancing existing programs that serve victims of crime. The State Board will also accept applications that provide new services or additional assistance for crime victims and witnesses, or for services that directly support a specific population of crime victims.

The following priorities have been identified by the State Board of Victim Services, though other initiatives are also permitted:

Direct Services for Victims of Crime;
Victim Advocates in Law Enforcement;
Victim Advocates in State’s Attorney’s Offices;
Enhanced services and support for Child Advocacy Centers; and
Enhanced services to crime victims that aid and promote the distribution of mandated brochures and educate them on their rights according to state law.

II. PROGRAM PURPOSE AREAS (This is the area that I Intend for this program to assist with).

Coordinating services for crime victims from first response through the criminal justice system and beyond which include those individuals in law enforcement, prosecutors’ offices, courts, victim service agencies, other state agencies, and non-governmental organizations serving crime victims;
Developing, enlarging, or strengthening all victim service programs including private non-profit organizations, police victim/witness sections, and District/Circuit court victim/witness units;

A. Project Title
Law Enforcement Victim Advocacy Program

B. Project Summary

The Project Summary is a brief (maximum 250 words, or approximately 1 page) that describes:
The problem/issue your grant funded program intends to address (must align with one of the Program Purpose Areas listed in Section II) ;
The program itself, what it is and how it will operate
How the program will specifically and directly address the problem/issue you identified

C. Program Narrative

1. Statement of the Problem

a. The history of victimization problem/issue you identified
b. The scope of the problem
c. Failure(s) to address the problem adequately
d. The potential to have a significant impact on the problem with the right program

2. Project Overview, Goals and Objectives

a. Description of Project; a detailed narrative of the program organization administration and operation.
b. Goals; a detailed narrative of what the program hopes to accomplish
c. Objectives; a detailed description of the indicators of positive progress, (How will you know the program is effective)

3. Methods of Reaching Objectives

a. A detailed description of the various steps or activities that will be used to achieve the objectives for this project
b. How the program work will be organized, administered and operated
c. The manner in which responsibility within the project will be assigned
d. Collaborations you intend to develop to further the efforts of the project and the role of each such collaborating entity.
e. If the project is adopting procedures used by another program, describe the strengths and weaknesses of the other program and how this project will differ in its approach to the problem and/or how it will improve upon it. (This program that I am creating will mimic the Marine Corps Sexual Assault Prevention and Response Program. Focusing on the response portion and services to victims.)

The references I have identified to be used with this project will be uploaded with my Annotated bibliography page. These references must be used. References can be added to the paper.


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Discuss the legacy of the Stephan Lawrence case in relation to race, policing and the criminal justice system.
Influences within Public Programs


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