ventilator-associated pneumonia

| March 25, 2014

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1. Develop skills in locating, evaluating, and utilizing research literature with traditional and non-traditional resources.
2. Develop skills in the preparation, writing, and presentation of a formal research paper.
3. Provide better understanding of a specific respiratory disease process.
The paper will be prepared using the APA guidelines.
The Topic, Body, and Summary:
The topic should be on a respiratory disease process and must be approved by the instructor. A narrow focus should be kept so that adequate coverage is given to the topic. The disease process should be thoroughly researched and reported. Report should include pathogenesis, etiology, clinical findings, prognosis, symptoms, signs, how the disease is diagnosed, treatment, and any other relevant information.
Ten typewritten pages in length. The topic must be thoroughly researched and adequately reported. Please follow APA guidelines for spacing, margins, etc..
Sources of Information:
A minimum of eight (8) up-to-date references (within the last three years) is required. The references should consist mainly of peer-reviewed articles.
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