Vectors and Matrices — graphics programming

| August 19, 2015

Vectors and Matrices — graphics programming
The ability to create computer graphics that change with a parameter is very important, not just for Mathematics, Scientific Visualisation, Computer Games, but also for all kinds of electronic documentation and advertising. For this exercise, you should use an appropriate software tool to draw a distinctive shape, then move or deform it.
Appropriate software tools that you might use are:
• fully-featured mathematical software packages
– Mathematica R — free 30-day trial versions from:
– Sage — Open Source software, similar functionality to
– GNU Octave — another Free/Open Source alternative:
Question: How do I present my work for this exercise? Answer: Submit a single screen-shot taken on your own computer, or a laboratory machine where you did the work. This screen shot should show the result of your coding as working software generating an image. See the final page for an example of how this could look, and what kind of elements should be visible.
(a) Something to identify yourself, either by name or as a distinctive background element that other people are not likely to be using.
(b) A view of the graphic element, with some kind of non-trivial transformation applied.
(c) A portion of the code source, which indicates what you have done and/or how you did it. Indicate where variables are used to adjust how the graphic is drawn.

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