Varfeeta Sirleaf

| June 19, 2015

Varfeeta Sirleaf

Question: What is the foremost thing that occupies the attention of you and your fellow associates? Is there a passion for managing one’s career as a primary objective, being highly efficient and reducing costs of operation, or is it a focus on the customer?

provide your comments/responds to the two students below, don’t just say “I agree”:
Varfeeta Sirleaf
The primary focus for me would be advancing my career; as for my fellow co-workers it would probably be a mix. Being that work in the healthcare field with many different disciplines it is a little difficult to pin point that one thing. But base on what we provide, which is hospice care to patients, I would say on the staff level it has to be customer satisfaction. On the managerial level I would say reducing cost of operations, I say this because every team meeting we have, the nurses, social workers, nurse aides, and Chaplin’s are always making recommendations that would make their jobs more productive and increase patient satisfaction, where the managers are always focusing on cutting cost, like decreasing visit frequency of nurses, medication refills etc.
The focus of advancing my career though it’s my primary focus I also want to improve patients and families satisfaction. I have been with my company for over 6years and would like to stay with the company and step into a managerial role. Though I understand hospice is a business, but dealing with terminally patients is a very sensitive area and at times cost should not get in the way but with my current company it t does more then I would like to admit. I hope that with a career change I will be able to influence that.
Tracy Wagner
I work for United Healthcare and the foremost thing that occupies the attention of myself and my fellow associates is how changes in healthcare will affect our business in the future. Leaders informed us on Friday that certain departments will be cross-trained to handle other roles in the business. This allows us to remain competitive.

My primary objectives are managing my career, being highly efficient, reducing costs and focusing on the customer. Since my career goal is to become a Project Manager, specifically focusing on Operations, I naturally am interested in helping the company in efficiency and cost reduction. These areas are important in helping maintain a large profit margin and eliminating future layoffs.

Focusing on customers’ needs is the primary focus for myself as well as the company I work for. To maintain a strong business relationship with customers, the needs of customers must be met. Listening to what customers want and operating efficiently to meet their needs is the essence of maintaining a strong customer base and customer satisfaction. To maintain competitiveness, businesses must develop a customer-focus driven attitude. Customers have choices on where to do business and a good business learns what to do and what not to do to become great.

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