Value Creation: From Idea to Market

| September 27, 2015

Value Creation: From Idea to Market

2A) SUMMARY- Maximum 2400 words

You are expected to do a summary (maximum 2400 words) about the VCR project that was allocated to you (Project allocated to you is number 141201).

The summary should cover the following phases/steps:

· Introduction (max. 200 words)

· Phase 1: Redefining product value: S1:Ignite; S2: Idea

· Phase 2: Generating product value: S3: Intelligence, S4: Integration

· Phase 3: Creating product value: S5: Inspiration, S6: Illumination, S7: Incubation

· Phase 4: Sustaining and capturing product value: S8: Impression, S9: Introduction, S10: Implementation

· Conclusion (max. 200 words)

While making the summary, you should adopt the point of view of the company / patent owner and explain the challenges/solutions that you are facing on the different steps of the VCR. In order to address these challenges you might say that you worked with a team of experts and/or hired a team of consultants that helped you to develop the VCR report.

2B) CRITICAL ANALYSIS (Maximum 800 words)

You should make a critical analysis of the project that was allocated to you:
a. in comparison with the other projects that are presented in the table, regarding the project allocated to you, which ones are:

a) the major strengths?

b) the major weaknesses?

b. regarding the application of the original frameworks. Were the frameworks properly selected and applied to the selected technology/service? Are all the selected frameworks relevant and which ones bring added value? (See the original frameworks presented in Block 2 that will be used to support your coursework).

c. is the overall VCR report of the group convincing? Justify.


While analyzing Block 2 and the 6 projects, list which VCR/VCF tools that you find more relevant to apply to your own group project.

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The purpose of this essay is to develop a business plan based upon a project that you have been given.
Individual review of literature (IRL)

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