Using technology to fight cheating in online education

| October 16, 2015

Questions (for reference to aid in your discussions of the topic – Not all questions are required)

1. What are the ethical implications of these cases’?
2. Are there legal issues
3. Where do you stand on cheating (be honest)
4. Who is being hurt by this practice of cheating?
5. Other people already do this, why not me? Discuss the implications.
6. Do you think that students cheat more online than in F2F classes?
7. How is texting being used to cheat?
8. How do you feel about using technology to stop cheating?
9. Would you be willing to use a web cam?
10. What about privacy?
11. Where does cheating get you in the long run?
12. Do you agree that ethics begins in the business school?


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