Using Paint Chips to Learn Vocabulary

| February 11, 2014

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Order Details this is a PowerPoint that have resources connected to my action research. Include a brief explanation of what it is about and how each study is connected to the research below:
The purpose of this action research is to apportion a new way in teaching vocabulary for English Language Learner (ELL) at ELS language center in charlotte, North Carolina. The lack of vocabulary among the students makes it difficult for them to learn the English language. They are used to translating every word and they seem lack of other strategies to learn the words. Therefore, it is helpful to look for new ways that facilitate this process in these students. The project aims to apportion a new way in teaching vocabulary through the use of color-coded cards (Paint Chips). So I decided to monitor six students for the duration of this action research.
In this project, vocabulary not only considered to be an important aspect of the language to be developed for communication, but also the teaching strategies of vocabulary. That being said, I will concentrate on implementing the use of paint chips in the classroom. The colors of the paint chips will be based on words topics, and each vocabulary word in them will be written in the first shade in the paint chip followed by different forms of the word and the words synonyms. Also with the paint chips the students will be given a checklist to fill out with how many times they used the vocabulary during the week.
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